Home game success!

It’s official, the Blitzdkrieg’s first home team battle is in the books. It took a lot of hard work and planning, caused a lot of stress and anxiety, but with a lot of help from a stupendous crew, and the support of our fans, we think it ended up a huge success!

When the last whistle blew, the Great Lakes Pirates took the first win, with a score of 338-101 over the Half Barrel Heroes. We’ll have a full recap, and video, available soon, so watch this space.

Our next game is coming up soon, check the schedule page for more details!

Thank you all, volunteers, officials and fans, for being a part of this huge milestone in Blitzdkrieg history. We’d be nowhere without you. Looking forward to seeing you all again next month! GET BLITZD!


Thank you, Chip and the Fox6 crew for joining us for a little early morning practice! We had a great time, and Chip got lead jammer his first time out!

If you missed the segment, it’s online already, right here. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see on you on the 29th! GET BLITZD!

FIRST EVER home team battle!

It’s finally here! After four years of slow and steady building, the Blitzdkrieg formed two home teams this year, and they’re ready for battle! Who will you be cheering for? The Half Barrel Heroes, with their rugged jaws and gleaming smiles? Or the Great Lakes Pirates, with their dirty jokes and debauchery?

Doors open at 10, first whistle is at 10:30

Buy your tickets now at!  Students, veterans, and derby players, please email for a discount code.

Home teams!

Last night, the Blitzdkrieg met for our first-ever draft party, creating two home teams!  This is a huge step, making it far easier to schedule exciting events more often, while still maintaining our travel team, which will go up against other MRDA leagues.

Without further ado, your 2014 Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg HOME TEAMS!

Great Lakes Pirates
Mr. e MACHINE #2718 (Captain)
Ben Hurt #XL1
Brad the Impaler #100K
D-Rek #50
Elvish Presley #3
Lemme Adam #6
Rocha-Clip #13
Stud Lightyear #2
The Bloody Bearon #B33R

The Half Barrel Heroes
Rufhouse Wainwright #12 (Captain)
Bomb Squad #0×0
Braaainz #28
Don Juan Demented #290
Hazmatt #62A
Hijack #82
Montezuma #4K
Mr. Burns #235
Nate Ostrye #42
Russ T. Crobar #88

Happy birthday, dear Blitzdkrieg…

Four years ago today, the Milwaukee Schlitzkrieg took the track for the first time, skating in an expo bout against the Twin Cities Terrors in Minneapolis. Predictably, the Milwaukee boys got pummeled, but we’ve come a long way in those 4 years, and 2014 promises to be the best yet! Stay tuned, friends. Exciting things are in the works!

Ready to roll!

It’s been- okay, it still IS a long, hard winter, and we’re getting antsy. Time to skate!

The 2014 Blitzdkrieg season officially gets under way on January 8th. We’ve got a hell of a lot of exciting things happening, so stay tuned!

And if you’re interested in getting involved in men’s roller derby, as a skater, an official, a cheerleader, a volunteer, or just a friend, now is the time! Email to get started! No gear or experience required, we’ll teach you everything you need to know, and you can dip into the gear bin to get you started.

Ready… set… GET BLITZD!

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